Through last 7 years, ABL has continuously evolved and expanded its horizons. The journey has been exciting and fulfilling. With modest beginnings to creating a world class multi-facility organization, ABL has achieved many milestones. Here is a look at our journey so far:

June 2007:

The journey begins

Kick started operations, began supply of coal to several ceramic factories in Tianjin, China.

August 2007:

Added another feather
in our hat

Founded SAFLEAD International Company Limited.

September 2008:

Our products find
Chinese customers

Began supply of anthracite, coal tar pitch, and electrode to factories around China.

October 2008:

Our products reach Japan

Began recarburizer supplementation to Japanese clients

November 2008:

Our Japanese quest

Started supplying calcined petroleum coke and coal activated carbon to Japanese customers.

December 2008:

Our Japanese quest
reaches a new height

Started supplying carbon electrodes and graphite products to Japanese scrap customers.

April 2009:

Spread our wings to China

Started supplying iron ore to customers in Tianjin, China.

May 2010:

Further expansion in China

Began supply of high-purity ferrosilicon to Chinese customers.

October 2010:

Covered another global destination

Started supplying steel products to customers in South Africa

January 2011:

Another nation covered
in our hat

Began supplying reusable barite ore and counterweight to customers in Korea and Japan.

September 2011:

The iron particles story begins

Began supply of iron particles to the Chinese and Japanese markets.

May 2013:

The growth saga continued

Invested in an electrode factory, began selling graphite electrodes and other products to Chinese and overseas customers.

September 2013:

Our new baby was born

Began construction of Ningxia silicon carbide plant which will go into full production in April 2015.

December 2013:

Covered another Asian market

Began to supply blast furnace refractories to customers in Taiwan.

April 2014:

Mission Vietnam accomplished

Began exporting coke to Vietnam.

October 2014:

Reorganization and rechristening

Reorganized the company into joint-stock companies under a new name ABL INDUSTRIL GROUP LTD registered in England and Wales.