Carbon Graphite Scrap

ABL operate a network for the collection and controlled cleaning of graphite electrode and specialty graphite scrap allowing us to offer guaranteed quality graphite scrap from around the world.

ABL Carbon/Graphite scrap products are typically supplied to other Carbon/Graphite producers for reprocessing and new product production uses.


Graphite Electrode Scrap Recarburizer




≤0.03 %



Volatile Matter




ABL can offer Cathode scraps in the form of blocks and lumps based on Cathode made from Synthetic Graphite.

Please enquire for specifications and further information.


All ABL products are packed in a manner that ensures complete customer satisfaction. Our packaging is designed to withstand the necessary handling, movement and storage involved in getting our carbon and graphite products to our varied customer locations around the globe.

Should you have a specific packaging requirement we can of course endeavor to cater for your requirements.