Back in 2007 Mr. Liu and Mr. Yan, two young and determined entrepreneurs, met by chance and quickly realized they shared a similar goal. Fresh out of school, they both envisioned helming a company that would provide high quality carbon and graphite products to clients all over the world. They formed Saflead Limited, where they spent the next 7 years building a solid reputation in the minerals and energy sector.

Saflead Limited’s credibility and integrity in this industry caught the attention of Mr. Berih, an American who has specialized expertise in the minerals and energy sector who was looking for fresh and innovative minds to assist him in serving a global community. After an in depth exploration of the needs in the American, European and Middle Eastern markets, the 3 men decided to focus their energies on carbon and graphite products.

Joining forces, Saflead Limited became ABL Industrial Group Limited, whose vision is to become the leading supplier and manufacturer of a broad range of carbon and graphite products and raw materials.

Some of our team members are:

  • Skilled engineers
  • Technicians
  • Quality inspectors
  • Sourcing and marketing managers


To provide creative SOLUTIONS, superb QUALITY, unparalleled CUSTOMER SERVICE, and VALUE for our clients.


To be the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of carbon and graphite products.

ABL Values

Our values are an indispensible part of our DNA. They guide the way we conduct business, and work with our business partners, within community and with each other.

We understand that sharing a collective code of conduct and values ensures internal consistency, and enhances the company’s corporate image. We ensure that our code of ethics is safeguarded in our daily operations. This code of ethics applies to everyone working at ABL. Here are our key values:


Show respect to individual dignity.
Show respect to the ideas, culture and situation of all stakeholders.
Have respect for diversity.


Be fully aware of our responsibilities and take personal accountability of our actions and results. Act responsibly in the fields of quality, economy, and sociality.


Demonstrate a strong commitment to integrity and ethics. Embrace honesty and loyalty in all situations. Operate in absolute compliance with laws, applicable rules, and the ABL Code of Ethics.


Promote and encourage new ideas and innovative approaches to bolster personal growth and company success. Encourage continuous skill development through appropriate sharing of knowledge and experience.


Keeping eyes and ears open to the developments in market and macro environment. Staying abreast with the needs of the market, and responding to them effectively and quickly. Encourage employee participation, and seek and accept different ideas and points of view.